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Are you ready for a cookieless future?
During the webinar we will deep dive into the strategies that will not only help you navigate the challenges of a cookieless future but also empower you to excel in this new era of advertising.

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Welcome Greetings & Intro DAs
Alessia Vitale Sales Manager, Digital Angels


Are you ready for a cookieless future?
Francesco Schena Analytics Manager & Team Leader, Digital Angels


Conclusions, Q&A

In a landscape where third-party cookies are being deprecated, staying ahead requires innovative solutions that effectively engage your target audience and measure the impact of your initiatives. We'll explore how data, technology, and machine learning can be combined to achieve this goal, allowing you to boost your marketing strategies and uncover hidden opportunities.

The post-cookie era presents an opportunity for transformation and growth. We will provide a strategic outlook on maximizing the potential of data, despite the changing landscape. Our objective is to empower businesses to efficiently adapt to the new marketing and data analysis scenario. We're here to guide you in choosing the most fitting solutions for your needs.

Join us on Thursday, September 28th 2023, for an enriching conversation with Francesco Schena, Analytics Manager & Team Leader. Together, we'll explore key data solutions to this challenge, including:

  • Server-Side Tracking: discover how to effectively track user interactions and gather valuable data while respecting privacy regulations.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): explore how CDPs can enhance your understanding of customer behaviors and preferences, consolidating and managing customer data from various sources.
  • Marketing Mix Modelling: optimize your marketing strategies across various channels, understanding how to allocate resources effectively and measure the impact of your campaigns.


Alessia Vitale
Sales Manager
Digital Angels

Francesco Schena
Analytics Manager & Team Leader
Digital Angels

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