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The Future is Now: Are You Prepared for The New Era of Advertising?
Brands, advertisers and agencies are in the midst of a true revolution where new consumer habits, new regulations and the latest technological developments are deeply overturning the advertising world. Are you ready for it?

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Welcome Greetings & Intro DAs
Alessia Vitale Sales Manager chez Digital Angels


The New Era of Advertising
Adi Kulović Strategist chez Digital Angels


Agency Case Studies
Aurore Claverie Media Lead chez Digital Angels


Conclusions, Q&A

Whereas up until a few months ago we were travelling along a straight, quiet road, we now find ourselves at a very busy crossroads where the signs are not always clear and there are many different routes to the destination. Digital Angels will guide you through today’s changing advertising ecosystem and suggest some solutions to reach your destination even in stormy weather!

Take part in our Webinar Fly higher with Media scheduled on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. Our experts Aurore Claverie, Adi Kulović and Alessia Vitale will introduce some of our international case studies and will further discuss the following topics:

  • Media integration for an omnichannel experience

The customer journey is messy — and it’s only getting messier. From awareness to action, customers follow a dizzying array of touch points. Discover how breaking down the silos between brand and performance marketing as well as online and offline advertising by adopting an integrated media strategy can deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience across all channels.

  • The new challenges of a cookieless future

In the last few years, privacy has become a high priority for consumers. The GDPR gave European individuals more control over their personal data and the big tech companies were forced to re-think the way they track and target users while protecting their privacy. Time is almost up for third-party cookies. Discover how to face the challenges of a cookieless future.

  • The potential of data and AI for advertising campaigns

Last but not least, artificial intelligence has been dominating the headlines in the last few months. This rapidly-scaling technology is already changing the way we do advertising. Harnessing the potential of data and AI technologies can guide the development of highly personalised and performing advertising. Discover how to design powerful advertising campaigns by embracing the full potential of AI.


Alessia Vitale
Sales Manager
chez Digital Angels

Adi Kulović
chez Digital Angels

Aurore Claverie
Media Lead
chez Digital Angels

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