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Join us for an exclusive webinar where we'll reveal the power of Microsoft Ads and show you how it can transform your business. Whether you're a small business owner or part of a global enterprise, this webinar is packed with valuable insights to help you reach your advertising objectives.

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Welcome Greetings & Intro DAs
Alessia Vitale Sales Manager, Digital Angels


Bing Ambassadorship and our partnership with Diginius
Giovanni Pierfelici Media Planner, Digital Angels


Understanding the power of Microsoft Ads
Cristiana Herrera Head of PPC and Microsoft Specialist, Diginius


Microsoft Advertising Solutions
Besmir Pahumi Senior Account Manager, Diginius


Conclusions, Q&A

In today's digital age, effective advertising is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and reach the target audience. During our webinar Fly higher with Microsoft Ads, scheduled on Thursday September 14th, 2023 we will host Besmir Pahumi, Senior Account Manager and Cristiana Herrera, Head of PPC and Microsoft Specialist from Diginius and we'll dive into the possibilities that Microsoft Ads offers.

We'll start by understanding what Microsoft Ads is and how it can benefit your business. From there, we'll explore the expansive network it provides, including Microsoft-owned properties like Bing, MSN, Outlook, and partner sites.

Bing delivers relevant search results to millions of users and incorporates intelligent search technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By leveraging these innovative features, your ads can appear to users actively searching for information, products, or services aligned with your offerings. It's an incredible opportunity to capture users’ attention at the right moment.

Discover how Microsoft Ads can help you connect with potential customers when they express a need or intention, driving engagement and delivering measurable results. Don't miss out this opportunity to revolutionize your advertising efforts. Sign up for our webinar and empower your business with Microsoft Ads.


Alessia Vitale
Sales Manager
Digital Angels

Giovanni Pierfelici
Media Planner
Digital Angels

Cristiana Herrera
Head of PPC and Microsoft Specialist

Besmir Pahumi
Senior Account Manager

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